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In a bit of "digital world coolness" after blogging about creating Artist Trading Cards during my Week as an Artist , the Hon. Mrs. Cobbey invited me to be part of an ATC Swap. The premise is this. Six artists sign up for six months to create six cards a month. Each artist picks the theme for the month and cards are based on the interpretation of the theme.

This month was the Hon. Mrs. Cobbey's month to choose and the theme was Reminisce. Her card was of a photo of her Grandmother when she was young. The gold thread unties to reveal that information concealed inside the card. The detail is lovely. The hand stamping in variegated hues beautiful.

Debby's card was about capturing imagination. Her handwritten note on the back tell about the muse token and key.

I loved her phrase "remembering your past to make your future wonderful." I'm still not sure how she sealed them in the card.

(Debby also included her card from the last month which I thought was really cool.)

Julie's card was subtly dimensional. The inks are embossed and though you can't tell on the photo, the border is this incredibly lovely thread. The notches that hold it in place add to an "import" vibe.

I loved the "World Market" feel to the card.

Penny's card--is of her grandmother's recipe for pound cake with a photo of her grandmother actually making it. Not only was it beautiful, but it also evoked emotion when I saw it. What a lovely connection old handwritten recipes have with family and getting together.

It was so cool to find the hand-addressed envelopes tucked in among the bills. More amazing was the variety of interpretation and the beauty that was created simply from the suggestion of a single word.

As for me, I played with the themes of memories in old photographs and elements of time in an accordion folded card. The hand stamping is of clock elements, and the photos are ones that I took for a series at Crosspointe. The intent was abstract. Implying time, romance and memories. I truly enjoyed working with the inks and photos.

September's theme is "Retro Road Trip" and ideas are already starting to form in my head. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Cathy! Your blog entry meant a lot to me. I am going through some difficulties and it is nice to have new friends. I have worked at my job 17 years and they are closing my office and it makes me so sad. I too am looking forward to the "retro road trip" theme. Reminds me of Kareah who I worked with until last week, which reminds me of Monica, who I worked with until May. See you in the blogishere! Penny

Anonymous said...

I thought there were supposed to be 6 cards!!!...Oh wait, that slacker Latina girl still hasn't sent hers to everyone! LOL! I promise I will send the retro road trip and the reminiscing one all together within one week!!! I'm setting a deadline for myself! I am in the most creative funk right now though and everytime I sit down to work on them I end up throwing it all away because it's so UGGG-LEE!

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