Chase Moves to College Station

Yesterday, we loaded up a truck with all of Chase's worldly posessions and drove down to College Station.

After weeks of multiple options on the table for where to spend his future...Denton, Seattle, or CS, a job offer from his current company, AT&T, came through. The thing is, it came through fast. He starts work today--and flies to training in Oklahoma City on Thursday--which gave him just about a week to find a place, pack, wrap up all of his business here and get going!

The place he found is great. It is close to everything. Even to two of his best friends, Eric and Mark. The logistics worked out so that we moved most of his stuff into Eric & Mark's garage and he will officially move into his new place on Saturday--via Eric's pickup--after he gets back from training.

Our friends, Dale & Shelly, loaned us their truck--which had a hitch for the rental trailer. This worked great because it rained almost the whole day. The added bonus was that all of us got to sit in the cab and talk rather than Chase riding his motorcycle for the three hour drive. It was great having that window of time just to be with our son.

After unloading everything, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Chipotle and got to see the main areas of town. Like all college towns there is a fun energy to College Station--especially the second week in August. (We weren't the only trailer there.) My neice, Bryn moves down there on Saturday--so Chase will actually have family closeby. She is going to be a chemical engineering student at A&M. Chase will finish up his core classes at Blynn, then officially be an Aggie in an upcoming semester.

Of course, I got misty when it was finally time to say goodbye. He's grown up into such a cool young man. As John and I talked about it on the way back, it wasn't about being sad...(because we are very excited for him) was more about the moment being big. About everything changing.

You know that saying "they grow up so fast?" I'm not sure that is true exactly. It is more that the moments you notice how much they've grown up catch you by surprise. As if time moves forward in an odd series of leaps and jerks rather than a smooth story unfolding.

Watching Chase stand there in front of his very first place of his own was definitely one of those moments. I am very, very proud of him.


Shannon Suarez said...

Wow, what memories this all brings back.... from all different angles... both Chase and A&M (& Blynn, too)

However I am in utter disbelief that you went to College Station, and you ate at CHIPOTLE?????? Sheesh!

D Herrod said...

Chipolte? Freebirds and Pepe's are much better. Nate is not only an Aggie but is from Bryan.

Faith said...

Wow, great post. My son is to leave this week and we are packing up. He will live on campus and my heart has been sinking since June. Now the time is here. His friends are all leaving too and he has such a close network, my house has always been the hang out home. So, I will miss all of them as well. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations to all of you.
Michelle :-)

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