The Room Swap

Two weeks ago, when we took Chase to College Station, what I didn't mention is that when we walked back in the door, Bethany had already moved into Chase's room. We'd given her the option of changing if she wanted to. Countless trips to Goodwill later, Bethany had downsized her possessions into a much more manageable closet-size which left the front room open to be a guest room.

John and I painted it the next Sunday and learned something very important. It is dangerously easy to paint an empty room. It took us only a little over an hour.

The next step was to find a full size bed since Bethany took Chase's. We found that Big Lots had the brand we wanted. As we laid on them all comparing options and prices the manager came by and tipped us off that if we waited two weeks, they would go on sale.

John stopped by on his way from a client meeting this week and found the sale on early. He had it delivered and the bed was set up when I got home. We hung the metal work I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Washed sheets and unpacked the bedding I purchased on and voila! An instant guest room!

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