More thoughts on love...

The Dirt Poor Robins CD has been in my car this week. (If you don't already own it, invest...It is now on sale for $5 at Astonish.)

Have you ever owned a CD for awhile then one day a track that wasn't your favorite suddenly resonates with you as if you'd never heard it before?

As I've thought this week about love, sacrifice, heroes and villains, Track 13 has been playing in my head when I haven't been in my car.

Stanzas of it actually...

"Love's not unconditional unless conditions call upon it. It's not emotional to say you can't go on without it."

"It's the only gift, that could ever cost so much and still be free."

"When all is said and done, only love is on the page, when your days are over, when you're six feet under, when you close the cover, only love is."

It occurs to me that it is significant that when asked the greatest commandment, Jesus' response was about love. I mean, if you think about it, God could have ordered whatever He wanted. The whole job description of a god is that you rule stuff.

So why? Why love? Why is that the most important thing we are asked to do? Not truth. Not faith. Not going to church every Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Just love.

What if it really is the most important thing?

The only thing that truly counts.

Hmm...more things to think about.

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Robin said...

I love this cd, Cathy - thanks again!! Good post.

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