Random Advice that Actually Worked...

1) Drinking pickle juice cures hiccups.

2) You can create a kids mural in a rental space by cutting out preprinted characters from fabric, dipping them in liquid starch and placing on the wall. (It takes several hours to dry and red ink may transfer.) The characters come down on moveout just by rewetting them.

3) Washing your yoga mat alone in the washer with a little bit of detergent brings back the "sticky mat stickiness."

4) Baking soda makes a great substitute for scouring powders, toothpaste, exfoliators, detergent and shampoo.

5) Bach's Rescue Remedy is a great instant stress reliever. I use it to manage migraines and when I fly. (The original kind. The drops.) Another friend that puts drops in her dog's waterbowl when it storms swears by it.

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D Herrod said...

One I learned this week: the eastern edge of a tropical storm or hurricane is worse than the western side.

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