3 Things

I was tagged by TheDeeZone, so here are my three things:

3 Joys
When John reads to me.
Sending Bethany a funny picture of the dog asleep on her pillow via MMS.
Poking Chase on Facebook.

3 Fears
Really, really, really messing things up.
Being surrounded by people who just don't get me.

3 Goals
Celebrating my 50th anniversary.
Publishing in hardback.
Living every single day of my life to the fullest.

3 Current Obsessions
Dirt Poor Robins
Bubble Tea
Painting with my fingers. (Sounds cooler than "finger painting.")

3 Random/Surprising Facts
(I got stuck on this one and asked John who asked..."Random facts about you? Or just random facts. He then, started spouting things that were "surprising" but not "facts.")
I was a blonde for the first 30 years of my life.
I served as mayor for a community.
I am a huge Joss Whedon fan. (Which John says is random, but not surprising.)

Okay, I now tag: The Hon. Mrs. Cobbey (who really should change her name to the Hon. Mrs. Sra. Cobbey); Happy; the Crazy Rambling Red Head; and SuperMom.


D Herrod said...

Mayor? that is cool

Happy said...

Thanks for the tag, Cathy! I'll try to get to it while I'm procrastinating on my sermon writing tonight or tomorrow. :)

Finger painting is really fun - you can call it what it is and still be cool. :)

Anonymous said...

Shall do this one this weekend :)

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