Coffee Tomorrow

Once Dr. Carl Raschke gave me one of my favorite introductions ever. He said, "Cathy is one of those people that if she invites you to coffee, you should go."

Carl set up coffee in the morning for me to meet Hugh Halter and Matt Smay, authors of The Tangible Kingdom. In preparation for my meeting tomorrow, I'm reading the book. I am moved by the deep humility with which the book is written. The candid figuring-it-out of it all. I had to pause to share a passage.

Not long ago, we all grieved as Ted Haggard, the senior pastor of one of the largest evangelical churches, fell morally within a homosexual relationship. This pastor was also the leader of the largest evangelical association in America. Known for his active lobbying with Congress to suppress the homosexual agenda, this man now quickly and quietly resigned for failure in the same realm he once publicly opposed. We all interpret these types of events in different ways, but one reality was made clear: Christians struggle with the exact same issues, vices, and sins as those outside our ranks. We had better stop trying to keep the hostiles out and start identifying ourselves with them and allow Christ's redemption to flow over all.


I must now go back to reading...

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