Cool Discovery

I love discoveries.

Now that Crosspointe is without a permanent space, we are having to find new real estate to land in. And all of it temporary. As it turns out, this nomadic existence is actually turning out to be pretty fun.

John and I weren't sure what to expect when we landed at the Crossroads Winery for the LLC Meeting on Tuesday night. Though we had directions, we passed it twice. It was a little metal building on a two lane road in the middle of a few other metal buildings without much of a sign.

But, when we stepped inside, it was gorgeous. Large casks of wine. Little twinkly lights.

There is something wonderful meeting in a beautiful place with friends we know well with whom we share a common purpose.

The laughter, hope and excitement were tangible things.

Ron did a great job of casting a vision of "what could be." And David-the-Artist-Pastor and Magical-Kylie-and-David have definitely put in the sweat equity to make it all happen. So as it turned out, Tuesday became a bit of a celebration of our new adventure.

In case you haven't been tracking the Crosspointe story, it is an experiment in what church would be like without buildings. Something that is more about the people than places. About service more than services. About something you are more than something you go to.

As it turns out, I am really enjoying this new adventure in church.


NancyJ said...

Wow...this is a GREAT description of Crosspointe and what we're doing! Why would anyone go anywhere else??!!! :-)

lownote67 said...

I really like the term "adventure". :)

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