Cute little bit of nostalgia...

One of the reasons my house looks amazing most of the time is that I have help. The idea of a woman being able to 'do it all' doesn't work for me. I can't have a career, then come home and be June Cleaver. So, many years ago John gave me the best Christmas gift of all time...a cleaning service. (Hey, it is cheaper than Prozac.)

They do everything. In fact, I love coming home on Thursday evenings because everything looks so perfect.

Today, when I walked into my perfectly clean bedroom with vacuum lines on the floor and a pristinely made bed, I noticed this. The Black Ranger on my desk. (He used to be Chase's and now lives in a box with his friends in our closet waiting for visiting kids.) How cool that he is once again hanging suspended in some adventure.

So fun to me!

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