Lunch with Steve and Kay

Years ago, Nancy and I went to IAAM. We weren't really sure what we were doing.

Our first event was a mixer at Phillips arena and Nancy and I walked in--unsure what we were really supposed to be doing. After all, we didn't know a soul.

There were very few places to land, and we were excited to find an empty space at a standing table. We asked the nice looking couple if we could join them, and as it turned out, they were from our own backyard. Steve and Kay Selby were from UNT.

We spent the evening getting to know each other and Steve and Kay became our favorite people each year to run into at IAAM. Best of all, Steve helped me with my education in assembly management simply by sharing insights into what it was like to run a big events center like the Coliseum.

Now Steve and Kay are retired (though rumor has it that Kay moonlights as a bounty-hunter and as you might have guessed Steve is onto a second career).

Today, they came down from Denton to join us for lunch. As a bonus I got to introduce them all to bubble tea. It was a wonderful reconnection. So cool when professional relationships grow into personal ones.

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