Sunday with Girls

Yesterday, we had Nikki-the-Lurker's shower at my house.

After church I threw together a pizza and salad meal as Kylie and Courtney skewered little pieces of fruit. Soon Angie and Kathy-of-the-Mom-Bows arrived and began adding their touches. Then the house was filled with women and there were stories, laughter, and opening of presents.

I totally cracked up as Courtney had us go around the room and share our silly, romantic stories. Loved that Nancy told about meeting Peter as an RA because of "the dead girl in the shower" (she wasn't really dead); cracked up over Christi H's totally botching Tim's romantic plans so he wound up proposing at Olive Garden because it was the only thing open at ten at night; loved Christy V's story about the week-long unintentional thwarts to Alan's romantic attempts at proposing.

After the final guests trickled out, Christi H. and Kimberly lingered behind and we wound up in deep conversation, which led to dinner which led to more deep conversation.

There is something amazing about spending a day in the company of women. Of hanging out in the kitchen around the table and talking. Really talking. Little things. Big things. But most of all, common things.

It is somehow inordinately comforting to have a "sisterhood."

It was a truly wonderful day.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for letting us use your place! What an amazing shower - I really had a great time! Amazing friends, food and great stories! :)

PS - I love that I have a name, perhaps I will start a blog with it!

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