A Bird by Bird Day...

Ever have so many competing priorities that you think your head might explode? Yesterday when a good friend called to ask for a favor it hit me that I'm there. (It was an easy favor, but I've been too gacked for that to matter.)

John and I sat down and figured out what I could and could not offload (thank you, John), then I spent today having a "Bird by Bird" day. (If you've read Anne Lamott's book by the title, you know the reference. Her brother was sitting at the table crying because he'd waited too long to do his science report on birds. Her father's advice was, "Just take it bird by bird son. Bird by bird.")

So one by one, I've gone through my e-mails. Forwarding, answering, acting... I'm also about half way through creating my presentation for next week's conference. (Which is taking forever because there is too much content. Hard to decide what is in and what is out.)

Whenever my computer hung up--seems to do that a lot lately--I did dishes and laundry. I also got to visit with Chase--who was in town this weekend--after he got back from church and a flag football game with friends; took a break to go to a picnic (egg on spoons race included) and as an added bonus, a friend of mine from high school uploaded some hilarious photos to Facebook. (I've added one of me circa 1981 to this post!)

I was also interviewed for an article in Reader's Digest today. (Will keep you posted on that one when it comes out.)

This evening I pack for Houston tomorrow, and hopefully get the presentation to the 75% mark.

Bird by bird, baby. Bird by bird.

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D Herrod said...

Reader's Digest? Cool.

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