The Joy of Fantasy Football

Okay, I have to say that when Nancy-the-Insightful first asked me to play Fantasy Football, my initial response was..."Isn't that a boy game?"

However, I couldn't bear to let everyone be in on something with me left out, so I told her I would play.

And you know what? I am having a great time.

And yes, maybe that is just because I am winning and get to lay down copious amounts of smack talk. (Na, na, na, na, na...Kathryn Phillips!) However, it may also be that I am getting to be "in" on a "boy game."

Fantasy football is a window into John's world. And while we didn't do drafting that involved a six hour day and multiple spreadsheets (Yahoo! gives the option of automatic draft), I am having to pay attention to teams, players and fantasy points. (Though John laughed at me when I told him a swapped dubbya b's instead of wide-somethingorothers.)

For the record, the league is appropriately named "People who know Nancy" and my team is "The Ones in Pink" (so named because I'm frequently asking John, "who are the ones in blue with a star on the hat?"). As of today, I'm still in first. But Kathryn has some guys playing tonight so the week isn't over yet.

Just one question Kathryn, "does my butt look big in these pants?" You would know, because right now you are behind me!!!


NancyJ said...

HEY...I HAVE 2 GUYS PLAYING TONIGHT TOO! You can't discount my glorious team just because they're 57 points behind yours!! Remember, I can see how you look in those pants too...and I'm not afraid to smack talk about it!!

Anonymous said...

That is definately chick smack talk, I don't think I would try to pull that one off. However it IS funny!!

Anonymous said...

Who could have predicted the debacle that was the Cowboys this week? Next week, Cathy, next week.....

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