A Random Shout Out

Cathy H gives a shout out to Ron's girlfriend (whose name I don't even know).

However I do know this...

1) She wears lots of khaki, black and white--which works for her.
2) She does NOT live in Mississippi.
3) She hears the words "excellent feedback" "unpack" and "I hear ya, bro" a lot.



NancyJ said...

BIG LOL! Of course, we only tease those we love! You should feel good, Ron!

trish said...

More things you know...

4) She hears "like a champ!" A LOT!
5) She faithfully reads 'Random Cathy' every day and yet, has never posted until today! (i'm no longer a 'lurker'!)

And you'll be happy to know i was sporting a BLACK turtleneck with cool jeans today in our 46 degree MICHIGAN weather.

Thanks, Cathy! You made my day! :)

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