That time of year again...

Last week, when the "while you wait" tailor told me it would take almost a week to alter my pants then motioned to the racks of satin and sparkly homecoming dresses off to the side, I realized I should have known.

The past two weeks at our house, there have been the telltale signs of ribbon and glue guns as Bethany has assembled garters and homecoming mums. Last weekend, she went with her high school friends to her own homecoming, then this week, she went with Caleb (and some of her middle school friends) to his.

Last night when the doorbell rang, Bethany was still scrambling to get ready with a "does he HAVE to always be on time?" as she dried her hair and sent me searching for earings.

Neither complained that I wanted to snap their picture as they went to join the others for dinner, more photos, and the homecoming dance. (She and Caleb went to the football game on Friday night--which is where they wore the mums/garters.)

Last night for date night, John and I went to Genghis Grill, where we encountered tons of other high school students all dressed up. (I snapped a few photos for a group I didn't know so they could all be in the photo.)

In a few weeks, Bethany will be transfering to a charter school (similar to a Science and Technology Magnet). I wonder if we will get to retire the glue gun for good.

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