"What not to Wear"...at my house

After watching transformation after transformation on "What Not To Wear" and "How Do I Look" it occurred to me that someone, somewhere in Dallas probably offered this type of consulting--without the humiliation of having all of your flaws pointed out on national television then rerun hundreds of times when they needed to fill a slot.

A Google search conneced me with Kimberly Bohannon of KBCouture. I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting into, but Kimberly made the process less intimidating.

Quite honestly, it felt really, REALLY awkward to hire someone to tell me how to dress, style my hair, apply makeup, etc. Somehow it seems that I should know all of that already. On the flip side, it is also impossible to see yourself the way the world sees you--the outside you...the packaging. And once I got over that, it was really fun.

Kimberly started out the day with "Closet Detox." She went through my closet getting rid of everything that wasn't the right color, body style, etc. teaching me along the way what types of features in shirts, pants, etc worked for me and which worked against me. As we went along, Kimberly made notes about what types of things I was deficient in (like shoes) then, we went shopping.

She pulled a ton of clothes; hundreds of items....at which point I got really overwhelmed, but when we went to the dressing room, she broke everything down and made it easy to try things on. I told Kimberly all of the makeup lines I'd tried and that I wanted to do over-the-counter skin care and makeup. She went with me to Walmart and told me what to get. A quick stop at Starbucks then we were off to Tony and Guy for my hair appt where she connected me with just the right stylist and gave direction on the type of cut I needed. Back to my house and Kimberly began assembling clothes into outfits, photographing them all. I learned a lot in the process simply watching her put things together. (She sent me a link last night where all of the images were uploaded to her website so that I have them for reference later.)

One of the best parts of the process is that I remembered what it was like when clothes used to be fun. Somewhere along the way in having kids, gaining weight, assembling a career, and going through life, hair and makeup became a chore. (For that matter, getting dressed did too.) It was nice this morning to wake up and look inside my closet wondering what to wear. Better yet, to have choices. And most of all to have fun in the process.


Shannon Suarez said...

what i wanna know is ... how are you going to keep up with parting your hair on the opposite side :-) that would drive me nuts.

Seriously... that is very cool. You need to email me, cuz I am insanely curious as to what that whole shebang cost you :-) I have flat out told my girls - submit me to that show!

Cathy Hutchison said...

Actually, Kimberly's prices are on her website. You pay the consulting fee and budget a separate dollar amount for clothes. She works within your budget (But, I think there is a $500 min.)

Anonymous said...

I'd be really afraid for someone to go through my closet like that - I'd have so much room after it and not enough budget to replace all the bad choices of the past....

Lynette said...

You are such a brave woman to open your home and closet!! You go girl.

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