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One of the blogs I track is from a working mom in South Africa. Supermom had an interesting post yesterday called 4 x 4. The challenge was to go to your picture directory and choose the fourth picture from the fourth folder, post it, then tell the story.

Oddly enough, I just reorganized our electronic filing system this weekend to move from our "My Documents/My Pictures" set up to Vista's "Pictures" folder, where I organized everything by year. In my categories, the fourth folder is 1984-1988. This photo is of Troy Hutchison (my BIL) from Dallas Baptist University. Everyone we knew was playing the game "Gotcha." (There was a movie based on this premise by the same title after the game swept college campuses in the late 80's.)

When we mentioned this to Chase, he hadn't heard of it, so here you go: Everyone in the game has their name on a slip of paper that goes into a pile. You draw a name (which you don't reveal) and that is who you have to assassinate (with a paint gun or water gun). Once they are "dead" you get the name of their "mark" and go after them.

At the point that this picture was taken, I believe John and Troy were the only two left and they had each other's names. Troy walked into the cafeteria (where I was eating with John--we were dating at that point) looking so hilarious, with all sorts of water weaponry attached to him. I was lucky to have a camera (yes, Bethany, the old kind with film that I had to pay to develop) and shot this very quickly before Troy began open firing.

Funny, I can't remember if he actually took John out.


floydjoy said...

Nice ... RoboTroy.

Thank you. I have ammo on that boy now. I will use it wisely.

Anonymous said...

I just love looking at old photos :) Love the story behind this one

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