Happy Birthday, John...

Today is John's birthday.

For some reason, twenty years ago I bought this card. The inside says, "What's about the neatest thing a kid could ever do? Have a super birthday and turn SIX YEARS OLD--like YOU! Have fun being six."

Except that I scribbled a twenty in front of each of the sixes thinking it was hilarious. In fact, just remembering it puts me into gales of giggles. Anyway, I saved it and gave it to him again at thirty-six, and today, John is forty-six.

I made up cards for different themed special days that John could choose that I gave to him Thursday night, but events conspired against the one he chose, so we wound up going to Uncle Julios with Steve and Mary Beth last night and coming back to the house to play Wii.

We decided that his present would be whatever was at Woot.com at 12:01 on his birthday, but it was a....blood pressure monitor!!! (So I totally let him off the hook.)

Happy Birthday, baby!

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NancyJ said...

Hey...what's wrong with a blood pressure monitor?????

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