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And so here I am in Houston at a conference and should have been in bed an hour ago. I called down to the front desk to set my wakeup call.

The front desk clerk--a young woman--was so excited. "Did you hear? We have a new president! A landslide. History has been made today." After all of the angst-filled e-mails I've received from my McCain friends, it was a shift in perspective.

No matter where you stand politically, there is something powerful about moving from a world where my mom remembers getting in trouble for drinking from a "colored" fountain (she, of course, wanted colored water instead of plain water) to a world where an African-American wins the presidency.

Do a good job Barack Obama. "We hold these truths to be self-evident" is now in your care.


NancyJ said...

Well said! But...more importantly...did you wipe that phone with disinfecting wipes before using it??? And did you look at the hotel fire escape route yet???

But again...well said summation of the evening.

Happy said...

Lol... well said, Cathy AND NancyJ. :)

Hope the conference goes well. In the meantime - here's to 4 years of praying for our new president. :)

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