The war over the fence sign....

On my drive to work each day, I've been watching a drama played out.

There is a residential fence that backs up to a very busy intersection. One day when driving by, there was a sign on it that said "Abortion is Genocide." About a week later, the sign was gone. The next week, the sign was bigger and located up in the tree over the fence. A few weeks later, it too went missing.

For some people, the election hinges on a single issue...abortion.

Most of my friends believe this should be a clear cut. It's wrong. Stop it. Vote in a way that supports that.

However, I think the issue is more complex than that. Keep in mind that I've actually lived the whole young unmarried girl with an unplanned pregnancy thing, and there were people in my world who suggested abortion as an option. Believing in life, I didn't take that path. (Chase is amazing.)

I think it is easier to look at the issue by viewing the dynamics of a less emotionally-charged one. Look at domestic violence. There are laws in place against it, but that doesn't stop it. In fact, often abused wives who go through the legal system have a bigger problem on their hands as pressing charges just exacerbates the situation.

What does change the game is education and economic opportunities for women. Teaching them that they are worth something. Giving them tools to support themselves. Providing shelter and escape; meeting practical needs like rent and childcare to help them get those tools. In this case, the law is neither here nor there, because it has no effect.

I believe the same applies to abortion. Picket signs don't seem like an effective place to pour energy. And in fact, it communicates something to the world we live in. Pragmatically, it is easy to take a stand when you aren't the one who has to live under it.

I'd love to see this same type of energy poured into making adoption cheaper and easier. Cultural changes that celebrate children and motherhood. (Right now, size 12 moms aren't nearly as in demand as size 6 fashion models.) Support for single moms and company funded child-care. As to the legal issues, I don't think they change the game.

With regard to the election, no matter who is chosen, praying for them as leaders is key. And while politically, I'm disappointed in the current administration, I also didn't do anything to change that. I'm not talking about petitions or voting or any of the other legal avenues. I'm talking about prayer. I never spent the time.

And it would seem that would have been more valuable than tempra paint on posterboard.

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Ashley said...

Cathy..once again you sum up a politically charged issue beautifully. I struggle with this as a political issue vs a moral one. Picket signs, abortion clinic bombings, etc- while the platform against the "issue" is a moral one- I don't believe these actions in protest are any more moral or Christian. I believe from a VERY young age girls should be given the tools, the talks etc. to be able to always take care of themselves so that they always have an option and aren't forced to make a moral decision based on socioeconomics. Your feelings are well stated. Thanks for throwing it out there & giving me a chance to say "you rock!"

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