Zombie Prom

Every year, the Spiral Diner has an event called the "Zombie Prom." Simply the name makes me want to go. (And sparked a whole train of thought wondering if the reason high school and the prom are featured in so many horror flicks is because it is cathartic!)

Anyway, I was so enamoured of the idea, that I decided to go to the party all of my friends were going to dressed for a "Zombie Prom." John wore his "monkey mask" which with his beard and hair color is freakishly realistic.

David-the-Artist-Pastor and Magical David were there. I LOVED the Indiana Jones ensemble. (DTAP also greased his hair which made his highlights look like gray streaks. Very "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." And oddly enough, Magical David came dressed as my prom date--though we all thought with the makeup he looked dangerously like Rod Stewart.)

My camera ran out of batteries, so I didn't get to capture all of the fun costumes. Most of my friends came in pajamas as "a slumber party." Nancy C. came with name tags all over her as an "identity crisis." Kimberly was rocking the Marilyn Monroe look and her date came as an escaped Muppet. (He had no mouth, googly eyes, and the strings were cut.) Courtney--appropriately--came to the winery as grapes winning the women's costume contest, and John won the costume contest for the men. (We scored a fabulous bottle of wine.)

Before the party, John and I grabbed dinner at Japango. Our waitress asked me if I was in costume. Then I heard her talking to her mom in Japanese later with the word "costume." Later, the mom came over to me and said (in English) she was relieved. She thought John beat me. (I DID have black eyeshadow painting my arms.) Too funny!

In the end, I really did get to have a "Zombie Prom." The "Weekend Project" band was amazing and we danced, laughed with friends, and were impressed with how everybody looked. They even had punch. (Well, technically sangria, but it counts.)

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You guys looked GREAT!!! Even my sons thought you guys did :)

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