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Monday nights for me are all about watching Heroes. This season has focused on Villains. The catchphrase that the promo spots feature is "Choose a Side."

It is interesting to me that the concept of heroes and villains is hard-wired into us. Stories where the lines are blurred between the bad guys and the good guys aren't nearly as emotionally satisfying as the ones where it is clear cut. (Think about the satisfaction of Independence Day.)

Anyway, this season of Heroes has me thinking a lot about what makes a "villain" and what makes a "hero."

***SPOILER ALERT***** If you haven't seen last night's episode, read no further.

Last night, Sylar, who had opportunity for redemption, chose a side. Not hesitantly. Not tentatively. But full force.

Interestingly, my husband made the following comment: "He gave up on himself."


I'd never thought about the line between hero and villain in those terms.

It was interesting to me to think along those lines as I read Ron Martoia's post again this morning:

Part of the shift in perspective (some call it conversion or transformation of our awareness) is learning to live from the deepest fullest “self”. I would call this the Imago Dei. Us learning to live from the breath of God part of who we are, the highest, best, most whole, true self.


Interesting to think about choosing a side not as an exterior line, but an interior one...

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Happy said...

hm. I've never watched Heroes, but the whole villain/hero question kind of reminds me of the Batman movie that came out this summer... it was a disturbing movie, to say the least, but it dealt quite seriously with that question, and was definitely interesting.

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