The Gliders and the Red Lights

Yesterday, I received Suncoast's Glider Vet newsletter which talked about using red lights to make it easier to see your gliders play. So, John and I purchased a couple of red lightbulbs for his office last night and it is really cool.

For the first time, I've been able to watch their interactions clearly all morning. Silly gliders. They've run all over the office. Chittered at each other. Explored the cubbies. (Usually they do this with only the light of the computer screen and I miss most of it.)

In case you didn't know, gliders are very intelligent and very curious. The "zoos" always notice new things. (John, you should have seen them checking out your new office chair.)

In fact, when I snapped this picture, it made Kazoo so curious that I couldn't get another because he ran up to grab the camera. Then he focused on the SD card and tried to pull it out of the computer as I attempted to download.

I'm sad to end their play time, but it is now time to get ready for work. Kazoo is still jumping from place to place still while Kayla has settled down in the sleeve of my robe to get ready for bed. (They sleep during the day and play at night and the early morning.)

Luckily, John and I also bought peach yogurt last night. (Their favorite.) All it will take is a spoon, and Kazoo will jump to my shoulder and go with me anywhere!


Ashley said...

Random thought as I'm not a glider expert..but do you housetrain gliders? Do they know to wait until they get back in their cage? Can they let you know like a dog goes to the back door? Just trying to learn here. I think I'd rather have a glider than a hamster if Cole ever asks so educate me wise Cathy...

Cathy Hutchison said...

Sadly, gliders are the worst pets ever for kids. Think parrots. They are very particular and they bite!

No housetraining, but luckily since they are small, the deposits are too, and easy to clean.

You are going to have to get Cole a new family dog. (Maybe two if they are small.) Yes, you know you are!

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