The New Car

John and I bought a new car this week.

As it turns out, Fiona--Chase's motorcycle--really doesn't like the cold. To the point that she simply won't start some days. And not only that, but Chase isn't crazy about the cold either, so he decided he needed to get a car. As he looked around at used ones John and I started thinking about how we could help. John's Neon has great gas mileage and because we made the abysmally poor decision on some creative financing, also has an outrageously low payment (for eternity).

So, Chase decided to take the Neon--which he drove home yesterday--and John and I bought a new Chevy HHR. It fit our price range, functional needs, and as we shopped around, we realized it could meet one more unexpected need: Advertising.

John and I have talked endlessly about how to market the firm Troy started and he is now part of, Technogizmo which specializes in IT and computer consulting for small businesses. And after the dealer mentioning they had a "commercial" version with panels that could bear signage, it seemed like a perfect idea. After all, Technogizmo is primarily focused on DFW, and we couldn't ask for better exposure than sitting in rush hour traffic. So we chose the color based on the branding--causing John to reject the red one that was available and the blue one at Carmax with the three windows--and TADA--here is Gizzy.

We're still in that little window of joy where you get to drive the car around without feeling the pain of the first payment.



D Herrod said...

Nice. Is that an HHR

D Herrod said...

Ok excuse the dumb comment. I just realized that you said it was an HHR.

I have a PT cruiser and we now have another car. We just got a 2008 Subaru Legacy.

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