Stealing Ornaments

Tonight, Elsa-the-Poet and I got to go to the Ornament Exchange party. Last year, we had an elaborate strategy that involved stealing each other's gifts so we could "freeze" the ones we wanted.

This year, we wound up with stuff we liked without much effort.

There was also more "pretty" this year rather than hilarious. With one notable exception...

Kathryn Phillips (who is kicking my butt in fantasy football) did a "regift" of an ornament which wound up with Kimberly-the-Behavior-Therapist. (After a serious back-and-forth stealing match with her roommate. Who I suppose now has partial custody.)Personally, had it been unwrapped first, I would have completely had to go for it.

As it was, I wound up with a brass bell that I adore. (Love the way that brass reflects the Christmas lights!)

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