Thanksgiving Trip

John and I just got back from New Mexico where we spent time with his parents.

They live far out in the country, so it is a 10 hour drive past cotton fields and tumbleweeds. The scenery looks like every Western movie you've ever seen.

The interesting thing to me is the difference in the pace of life. Everything moves much slower, so it is truly relaxing. Another thing that struck me was that I got to see stars. The sky is amazingly huge out there because of the lack of development, and without all the lights, the sky is covered with hundreds of little white points of light.

So, for a week, we spent days of long conversations, long walks, evenings playing cards, limited computer connection (though kudos to AT&T, my iPhone was fully connected all week!), and a killer Wii bowling tournament. (So glad John thought to bring it.)

Now, I find I am still moving at a rural pace, even though it is Monday morning. My guess it that will change, once I get to the office and hit e-mail!

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