Dinner with the Garretts

Last night, we had dinner with Steve and Vicki. If you've ever been to the Garretts you've met Carmen. Carmen is actually the sister of Nancy-the-Insightful's dog, Andy, but where Andy is a fluffy ball of happy enthusiasm, Carmen has a much better sense of her life as a princess.

Carmen greeted us all as we came in and calmly invited us inside. She was very polite and divided her time evenly between myself, John, Steve and Vicki. She showed us all of her tricks, then sweetly asked Vicki for a treat. Carrots. (I didn't know dogs ate carrots.)

Anyway, Carmen was just a small part of a very lovely evening. Steve is an amazing cook and has a fabulous wine collection which he shared. (Honestly, Steve, I've never tasted a Pinot Noir like the J.) Vicki is great at making conversation and while we've hung with Steve and Vicki for years as part of larger groups, it was the first time we've gotten to zero in on them as a couple--which was fun.

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