Playing Ricky to my Lucy

We often laugh that John spends way too much time playing Ricky to my Lucy. Like the time I bought a tandem bike on the spur of the moment, then it wouldn't fit in my car so I decided to ride it the 6 miles home--even though I'd never done that before. But it was a hot summer afternoon and I had no water and riding a 2-person bike without the other person isn't nearly as easy as riding a normal one so I had to call for help a third of the way home. (Actually I was sitting stopped with my phone in my hand afraid to call John, when Chase happened to call me so guess who rode the bike home?)

Anyway, today was yet another "Lucy and Ricky" day.

A few months ago, I connected with a guy who interviewed me for an upcoming Readers Digest story called "20 Ways to Pray." Then later I got a call from the publisher saying they wanted a photo, and that they were sending a photographer. Then I found out that they wanted both John and I in the picture since part of what we spoke about was that we pray together every night. John said, "Okay."

So, that is how it happened that Thursday, Andy-the-award-winning-photographer from Idaho and Mark-the-lighting-guy-who-normally-does-fashion-shoots-for-Neiman's-and-has-a-passion-for-Indie-films came to meet with us to plan the shoot. Which is when we learned that they were going to shoot us in bed in our pajamas.

John was such a good sport. (Of course we had to go out and buy pajamas, because I'm pretty sure Readers Digest wouldn't want images of us in what we really sleep in. That would be a whole different magazine.)

I was fascinated by what it takes for a photo shoot. First of all, there was a TON of equipment. And, most of the four hours were spent on set up. (Though we did spend two of the four in pajamas.) The magic was in the lighting, and Andy was gracious to show us the change in the shots when Mark made major changes to the lighting--which was fun.

As Andy left, he mentioned something about Readers Digest doing a publication in conjunction with Rick Warren called "Purpose Driven." But I have no details, and my guess is that this is what this is for.

So, at some point you'll see John and I somewhere in some publication by Readers Digest.

In our pajamas.

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