The Sparkle in the Eyes

Over the past few days, I've gotten to reconnect with one of my elementary school friends via Facebook. Jennifer Wiegand--now Loupe. However that name doesn't feel right in my head (Smile.)

We got to talk for about an hour last night and I learned about her life after high school and her family. One of the things I remember most about Jennifer is how jealous I was of her glasses. I begged my mom to let me have some too. (She said, no.) And how much fun we had in girl scouts. (Still picturing boxes and boxes of cookies in her mom's garage.)

After our conversation last night, I went back to Jennifer's page on Facebook to send her a link and saw a post from Liz Martin--also from school.

And here is the thing: when you are growning up, you don't know yourself. So much is insecure and unsure. But at forty, if you don't get sidelined by life--there is a confidence and a glow. A different sparkle in your eyes. As if the very best part of you--Ron would say the Imago Dei--glows brighter than it was ever able to before.

Anyway, that was the thing I noticed most in Jennifer and Liz's pictures. Just like in high school, they are both still beautiful on the outside, but the spark is the most amazing.

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