The Theme for 2009

Nancy-the-Insightful often critiques me for the way I handle reviews. I never want to talk about the year that has passed. I always discuss the year that is coming. (Whenever she complains, I simply laugh and say there are reasons that windshields are bigger than rear-view mirrors.)

In sitting down to write a recap post for 2008, I'm finding it impossible. So, the first post of 2009 is just the theme for the year.


And while I could elaborate, the single word seems enough.



Happy said...

oh, but i WANT you to elaborate!

Believe... what? :)

and i would also like to recommend a completely silly but very cute movie that you will have absolutely no excuse aside from my recommendation to watch: Barbie and the Diamond Castle. You wouldn't believe how many spiritual themes that movie actually has - and one of the songs is called "Believe." :)

Happy said...

p.s. you should probably watch it some time when your husband is NOT at home... lol... as if that needed saying... ;)

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