The Weekend Project

Way up the road from us, somewhere on the border of Frisco and Little Elm is Crossroads Winery. If you move too quickly down Kings Road, you'll dead end into the lake and miss it.

In fact, from the outside it simply looks like a warehouse in a row of other warehouses, but when you step inside on a Friday night, it is one of the warmest, most welcoming places ever.

Little tables on a concrete floor. Christmas lights strung everywhere. Crepe hung walls. Candlelight.

Several months ago--in a bit of serendipity--Crosspointe began making a trade. We needed a place to meet once a month, and the winery was branching from simply weekend wine tastings to becoming a "spot" for music and wine on Friday nights. So, members of our worship band formed "The Weekend Project."

With Brian Coleman doing vocals and guitar, Steve Garrett on guitar, Bill Bolin on drums, Tim Hill--vocals and bass, and the newly added Joshua Friesenhahn on percussion the live music is incredible. The Beatles, the Eagles, Kiss, James Taylor, Tom Petty...even Heart and Bonnie Raitt (with a little help from Kimberly Kelly's power voice).

It is a wonderful thing to end a work week, then walk into a place where you can get a glass of very good Texas wine, the vintner greets you by name, and an ever-changing array of your friends are tapping their feet in time to the music.

In fact, the only disappointment of the whole experience is that they have a fabulous dance floor and yet, my chair-dancing-poser-friends have yet to join me. (Except for Christy who has amazing red dancing shoes and will shake her booty with the best of them!)

So, if you are ever at loose ends on a Friday night and don't mind the drive. Check and find out when the Weekend Project is playing. You'll have a wonderful time.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful place. Seems like the best places are the ones that you find by accident or off the beaten path.

ashley said...

That is a GREAT picture of you and John!

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