A gift from a friend...

Lynette-the-Cowgirl made the six hour trip from Kerrville this weekend to sit with me at the hospital on Saturday. I didn't ask her to, she just called and said she was coming.

We grew up together and so she knows my mom well. It was much more fun having conversation between the three of us, since I don't have anything new left to tell mom after all the hospital room hours we've logged in the past two weeks. (smile)

Mom is doing much better. She's out of "observation" and in a regular room now. (Actually at a different hospital). It was fun to hear her laugh and she didn't sleep at all during the visit.

As we left the hospital, I snapped a "facebook style" photo where I held my arm way out to get the shot. And after multiple attempts, finally got us both in frame without looking goofy.

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Robin said...

what a good friend! I'm glad she came.

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