The Haircut

Most of my friends with really cool hair have Shawn Hunter of Splurge Salon in Highland Village as a stylist. And yes, yes, I know I just recently made a major hairstyle change. And yes, everyone liked it. BUT, every photo I saw of me taken after 10am looked like Peppermint Patti of Peanuts fame, and I wanted a change.

So, on the advice of Magical-Kylie-and-David, Courtney-the-Acoustician, Dan-Dan-the-Pixel-Man, Erin-the-Wonder-Woman, Nikki-the-Lurker and David-the-Artist-Pastor, I called Shawn and made an appointment.

First of all, this shopping center in Highland Village is cool! It is in the new style where the shops are close together and parking is remote. I discovered Charming Charlie (the most fabulous accessories store), had a Mayan at the Chocolate Apothecary and bought four really amazing candles at Wik's one free since they are doing a cross-promotion with Splurge.

Now, about the hair. It is very short, so I'm still getting used to it. Plus I'm in that weird phase where I have to train my hair to do what it was cut to do. So, I'm reserving judgment. Hopefully, I will like it.


ashley said...

Very Cute - I like it!

NancyJ said...

Your pictured face is saying to me "You DON'T like my hair do you??" so it's hard to get beyond the admonishion to see the hair! :-) It seems cute and looks lavishly full! I want to see it in person!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...that is SO stunning. You look beautiful

Happy said...

I concur. You look fabulous. :)

Anonymous said...

You didn't give me credit for clueing you in to Charming Charlie's


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