The Shack

When I was fourteen, I read the Chronicles of Narnia --a fiction series by CS Lewis.

I was captivated. In reading about Aslan, I felt that for the first time I was reading about the God I knew, and He was far from the being I learned about in Sunday School that "loved me" because he had to. (Like I was spinach or something.)In fact, if I really think about it, the God-of-the-flannel-board looked a lot more like Zeus than Yahweh.

I don't want to say anything about the plot of The Shack so that there is no "spoiler alert" required.

I will say the book is profound. And deeply moving. With a healing story that makes it a "must read" no matter what your spiritual preference or background.

It is causing no small amount of controversy in circles where unapproved ideas are considered dangerous and to be avoided. But from my perspective, the ideas are very beautiful and worth exploring.

This is outside the realm of anything I've ever read before, but very, very worth the time it took to read it. I'm glad Mary Burleson blogged about it and that my mom read it then passed it onto me.


Shasta said...

Hi Cathy! I too was profoundly moved by The Shack, in realizing the possibility that God was someone different than what I had been told and understood. I love this book and would highly recommend it to all!

Shasta Gaither

ashley said...

Ben got it for Christmas and I just finished reading it - great book!

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