Meeting Melly

I use this nickname because it strikes me that my friend might not want to be googled in someone's blog and given that it is 6am on a Sunday morning I probably shouldn't call and ask.

Melly and I went to middle and high school together and recently reconnected via Facebook. As it turns out, she lives just a hop-skip-and a jump from me so we grabbed some lunch at Pei Wei Saturday.

What started as lunch flowed into a four-hour conversation about life after high school, who was doing what, reunions, work, the joy of having dogs and a host of other things.

One of our most interesting threads was about perception. For example, I would have told you that Melly was probably one of the most connected people I knew. She had tons of friends and fit in well with almost every crowd. In fact, she's heard that sentiment echoed by others. But of course, like most of us, the reality was that Melly struggled with feeling accepted and finding her place in the world. Something that I'm realizing per the self-doubt post that continues to strike even after you think you have it all sorted out. (Melly actually pinged me with the very practical advice that this "lost" feeling happens to all of us and that trying something new can spark the "i's" and "e's.")

After our lunch/Starbucks I went to the marker class and had a great time. Then dinner with John and grocery shopping for RDFL. Today is Angie's baby shower and since I'm feeling really tired, I plan to take things slow this morning getting ready and will miss church. But come 12, I will have food on tables and I'm excited to see our RDFL crowd. And tonight after all is said and done I plan to crawl into bed shockingly early with a remote control or a book in hand so I'm ready for Monday.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed lunch so much yesterday! I had so many positive vibes to come from just sitting and talking with you. I hope we can do that again soon!

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