Watching the Watchmen

John and I took the DART rail and went to the Irish Festival today. (We never could get both our faces in the picture by trying to snap ourselves with the iPhone.)

The whole thing was fun with bagpipe music and those little clay flutes. I got some fabulous jewelry at Uptown Copper--the Vodickas amazing art jewelry business. We had scones with strawberries and roasted corn. (Mmmmm....)

After a full day of walking and fair food we used our Studio Movie Grill gift card (thank you RDFL friends!) and went to see The Watchmen.

First I have to say that this movie is FULLY rated R--so don't be shocked by the swearing, nudity, horrific violence, uncomfortably long sex scene, etc. You've been warned.

In leaving the theatre tonight, John and I were wondering whether or not we actually liked the movie. The cinematography was truly art and the story complex and well written, but the characters were not at all relatable or likeable.

We focused most of our post-movie conversation on "Dr. Manhattan." The character is very god-like and completely detatches from humanity. And you can see why. He is so far above them, that he loses connection to them.

And then we started talking that God could easily be like that. And there is wonder that He's not. A God who actually loves us...who doesn't pack up and go away....who doesn't manipulate (distinction: Christians often do, but God doesn't.)...a God who isn't too busy with the bigger worthy of devoting your life to. I am continually surprised by God's deep respect for human will and for the beauty and love in His interactions with us. A God like that is worthy of pursuit.

My other big takeaway was that the world as it is isn't worth saving. Preserving all of the violence, greed and chaos doesn't seem like that big of a win. There has to be restoration. Love, peace, gentleness, kindness...God has to be setting things right otherwise it is simply a continuation of a very weary story.

All of this to say that I'm glad I saw the movie, if for those thoughts alone. Would be interested to know what others thought of it.


Ashley said...

I found Dr. Manhattan very difficult to relate to as well. Your separation from humanity analogy is very interesting... Honestly by the end I was to focused on the "full frontal" in blue being over. I thought they jumped the shark with the movie about 1/2 way in. I left the theatre thinking they could have done it much better.. it felt almost like they tried to hard and while I don't like being negative- I did say " I wanted my three hours of life back.."

Cathy Hutchison said...

And so I was commenting to Erin that until you posted this I forgot about the full frontal nudity--except that it came out "full frontal noodle" and OMG we were both laughing so hard we could barely breathe.

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