Backyard Makeover....Part Deux

One of the things about living in your "starter house" for thirteen years is that your garden/landscape develops over time. A rosebush here. An herb garden there. When we moved to our new home three years ago, the backyard had been farmed by a Korean grandmother that worked in the garden every day. Given that we don't have our own Korean grandmother, we needed something beautiful with a whole lot less maintenance.

So, after the bunnies all left in disappointment that we weren't maintaining the fields of lettuce, our first phase back in 2007 included the addition of the arbor, a bench and a couple of rose bushes.

This weekend, we implemented phase two and created a bed of roses on the right side, new paint for the bench and arbor, planting of vines, a new tree, stone work, a ton of weeding, planting out of the beds along the side yard with short fencing to keep the dogs out, and mulch for all.

In another two months the yard will be filled with color. I can't wait.

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