New Tagline for Nancy?

One of the great things about the iPod/iPhone is that it keeps your whole music collection in play. While the radio or CD's in your car allow you to focus on flavors of the month, the shuffle feature brings up things you forgot you loved.

Lately I've rediscovered Keaggy, King and Dente's Invention (circa 1997). You know how you listen to songs sometimes without fully processing the lyrics. Well for whatever reason, "Watch my Back" continuously makes me think of Nancy-the-Insightful. I thought because of the music, but then I actually focused on the lyrics.

"You and me, we never had to fight in any wars
On some foreign soil in the pouring rain.
Livin' in foxholes. Shootin' some enemy.
Who we do not know in a place we cannot name.

But God knows that life is a war.
If you're gonna live, you're gonna do battle.

No matter what the weapons may be. (No matter what they be.)
No matter which enemy may attack.
Well it's you my friend that I would want to watch my back."

I can think of no truer statement of Nancy than if I'm ever in a foxhole I want her there with me. And while Nancy is incredibly insightful, I wonder if this isn't a better tagline.




D Herrod said...

Cool. That is one of my favorite songs on that CD.

Ashley said...

How about "Nancy is always insightful even in the foxhole"

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