Quirky sense of humor gets me every time

A quirky sense of humor gets me every time. Like the greatness of the "Dear John" letter that makes up the cover of Parallel Play's EP--a real one I'm told--which tragically makes it funnier. And--courtesy of Happy--I just discovered XKCD.com.

Of course, a quirky sense of humor is one of the things I most appreciate about my husband and my friends.

Speaking of...this morning for some random reason I woke up and laughed out loud at Jason Foster. Some of us from the office were eating on the patio at Flying Fish the other day. (Red beans/rice and fried okra with tons of Louisiana hot sauce for those who will ask.) There was a pigeon struggling to open a package of saltine crackers on the ground with no success. Jason calmly lifted a package from the table, tore it open, then with the raise of an eyebrow popped one in his mouth. "Ha!" he said in one of his best "actor" voices. "Opposeable thumbs."

Velociraptors, zombies, and pigeons. It's been a great week for quirky humor.

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