Tonight at the Mokah Lounge

Tonight was the first in Art Love Magic's concert series. It was at Mokah Coffee Lounge in Deep Ellum. This was the first time I'd heard these groups, and they were incredible.

The first was Parallel Play. I updated my facebook status to say "Cathy is at Mokah enjoying Parallel Play." Someone commented "What's that?" Kelly Nygren answered on the next comment "The best musical act involving a banjo and an ode to zombies you've ever heard. EVER." As it turns out, Kelly was right.

As the night got late, I knew I needed to leave, but ShantyFolk was onstage and the music was close to magical. I pulled myself away on a cover tune because I knew 5am was going to kick my butt.

I met Art Love Magic's business manager, Mario Cauley who worked with Michael Lagocki as part of Ghostwerks. Mario told me about Hailey--a recurring character in Michael's artwork. (Hailey is the character Michael drew in my notebook two posts down from this one.) He said, "Hailey is about love. Stars in the sky and all of that." He paused. "Hailey is about love."

There was something amazing about hearing him talk about Michael's character. She wasn't just pen and ink; she stood for something. With Mario's words, life was breathed into Hailey for me. She has a story and a voice.

So there you have, love and magic all in a random Thursday night. And the cover was only $5. It doesn't get any better than that.

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