Chase turns 21

Chase drove up for his birthday this weekend. Vadim (Katya and Clfton's son) is also staying with us before he goes to Dublin so he got to go with us for Chase's birthday celebration at the obligatory Uncle Julios.

Of course, this being the milestone 21 birthday, Chase requested a margarita. (Vadim didn't get to join in since he has to wait until August--though we understand drinking age in Dublin is 17 so he has another trip to the Guiness brewery planned.)

As with most holidays, it was fun to simply be together as a family. Even the dogs were happy to "have all the sheep in the pen." (John thinks I'm anthropomorphizing, but I KNOW that Casey looked very happy and content last night when we were all in the living room together.)

Of course it wouldn't be a birthday without all the photos. So, my digital camera was on overdrive. We have a whole series of Bethany taking advantage of the double flash where she looks cute and smiley one moment, then has eyes crossed or tongue sticking out the next. Too bad she doesn't have facebook. I so would have tagged her!

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