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David-the-Artist-Pastor often gives people the opportunity to do tangible things to celebrate faith. Several years ago on Good Friday, he set up a labrynth. As you walked to the center, it was about letting things go. Noise. Anger. Guilt. Shame. You had communion in the center, then as you went out, it was about action. Commitments. Praying for friends. Celebrating God. Asking for direction.

David had a candle garden set up in the "praying for friends" portion. I created a version of it at my house. Please understand there is no magic in this--ie) if I don't light a candle, Nancy might fall in a hole and break her foot. (That was TOTALLY not my fault.) But it is a very tangible way to express to God that I love my friends and it is important to me that He watch over them.

This week I had a conversation with a man who has a very pragmatic faith. For him, the core thing is apologetics and dogma. And that isn't bad exactly, just lacking somehow. Not only in beauty, but also in simplicity.

Our conversation made me feel like God was a term paper. Worse, it made me feel sad for the guy. Left-brained as he may be, it seems there should be more of the wonder and less of the this-equals-that. And while I respect him thoroughly, I need my God to be more than what I can memorize.

The candle garden reminds me of that.

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Happy said...

i love your candle garden! it's beautiful. we've done the same sort of thing at our church, but i never thought about bringing that element home - what a great idea. :) thanks for sharing, Cathy!

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