Random Saturday Festivals

Years ago, when John and I first moved into our starter house, Carole was my neighbor. One day, she walked down to my house and invited me to a barbeque and we've been friends ever since.

A few years later, Carole moved away and we lost the casual ease of a "hello" from the porch, but we've maintained our favorite activity together. At least once every three months or so, we go downtown to Farmer's Market. Stands full of vegetables, vendors with handmade gifts, a breakfast burrito from the taqueria and very good company makes for a pretty fabulous Saturday morning.

This time when we went, we passed a fair and decided to stop. As it turned out, it was an Asian fair. Dancers, brightly colored scarves, bubble tea....and this very pretty stand by McDonalds where they took our picture. Yep, Saturday mornings with Carole rock.

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