Random Spontaneous Family Reunion

At this mornings session, I was standing by the door, giving out handouts when I handed one to a woman who looked familiar. It took me a moment to process...


My cousin was here with her husband, Joel. Now, as it turns out we actually only live an hour away, but ran into each other at a conference in Long Beach, CA. And I love it that she happened to walk into our session at just the right time and that I happened to be the one with the handouts--otherwise we might never have known the other was here.

As it turns out, Paula and Joel's son, Aaron, is the contemporary worship leader at his church in College Station and came to WFX for training. Since he got to bring a couple of guests for free--he invited his parents who are active in their church in Fort Worth.

Tonight we all went to dinner together on the patio of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. It was fun to catch up--and Aaron and Joel actually showed me how to play my harmonica. (Which is good because this is the first actual music I've heard from the thing.) Paula is still beautiful--I always wanted to grow up to be just like her. She has this amazingly kind smile with a lovely voice and I was particularly envious of her hair! (Alas, I'll never have such curls.)

It was fun to hear about their life. That they teach Sunday School together and have a snow cone stand. (A serious addiction for me. My punch card from the Ice Wizard always nets me a few freebies each summer.) They live in their same house and the same day jobs they've had since I saw them last.

It was a wonderful unexpected surprise.

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D Herrod said...

Ok eat a snow cone for me as I have not found a single snow cone stand in FL.

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