Sunday morning

It is Sunday morning and the house is quiet. John and Bethany will sleep until the very last minute before we have to leave, but I find it hard to miss this part of the day.

The sun's soft light is gradually increasing and the world outside the window has been washed by a night of heavy rains.

I've just finished praying in my favorite chair--the one that faces the windows.

And though the past week has been one of intense work and the week to come will be also--there is this little moment of unhurried peace. A lovely Sunday morning. With dogs strewn about the living room like throw rugs and the sound of the fountain trickling outside.

And a sense of God in creating the whole thing in the first place.

The very best part of the day.

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Happy said...

what a beautiful glimpse of a holy moment... thank you for sharing, Cathy! i am starting my day a bit later, but I'm so looking forward to some peaceful time with the Lord this morning, too.

have a wonderful Sunday!


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