Andy, the Ringbearer

Saturday was Nancy-the-Insightful's son, Daniel's wedding. And, I absolutely loved it that John's and my role was care and transportation of Andy-the-Ringbearer.

Andy is potentially one of the happiest, easy-going dogs I've ever met. He was great in the car on the two-hour drive, riding contently in the back of the HHR with John, Dan, Courtney and I. (For followers of this blog, you might want to know that Andy is Carmen-the-Princess's the brother.)

And, he was thrilled to find that our destination was where the rest of his family was.

Andy carried out his duty as ringbearer like a trooper and even smiled during the pictures.

The painting turned out well. It was really fun to watch Daniel and Elizabeth make the "J."

Most of all, it was lovely to get to be part of such a wonderful event in my friend, Nancy's life, and that all of our circle of friends got to be part.

Of course, probably my favorite moment was when Daniel and Elizabeth walked down the aisle to beautiful music, then there was a scratch and suddenly Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" broke out.

Liz "Rick Rolled" the wedding. Hilarious!

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NancyJ said...

Awww! I'm so glad you're my "personal blogger" (and "doggie wrangler", and "unity painting provider")! What a sweet story! Love the pictures! THANKS John and Cathy!!

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