Sandwich Sunday

One of the things I love about my church is the ability it has to prioritize mission over tradition. This Sunday, rather than normal worship and teaching, we made sandwiches. (Over 1200).

Crosspointe partners to pour resources into projects that others are doing in the community. For example, rather than employing a youth pastor, Crosspointe partners with Young Life. Rather than starting a benevolence ministry, we work with CCA and Metrocrest. This week, we poured our love and energy into the Soup Mobile which feeds homeless people in Dallas, daily.

For all the years I spent listening to churches frustrated in trying to support programs that were underfunded and understaffed, I have to say that I like this model much better. Belonging to a group of people--a SWAT team so to speak--who can mobilize to not only accomplish ministry goals in the community, but also support and encourage the people who run those ministries is very satisfying.

Sunday morning, we didn't make sandwiches instead of having church. We were the church. Making sandwiches.


JoHothem said...

Hi Cathy! I haven't posted a comment yet but this story really caught my attention! I love this approach and wish our church would do more of this! - JoEllen

Chris W said...

Love your blog Cathy! Today David called from Uganda and his first question was, "so how did the sandwich making go?" I told him how I was was personally blown away by the ministry of the Soup Guy. Also, the visitors who arrived expecting regular church just jumped right in and the youth and kids worked as hard if not harder than the adults. We were totally thrilled to be doers and not just hearers for a day. I would love to hear of more churches embarrassing this model as well. Crosspointe actively looks for ways to "get out of church"! Ha-ha!

Cathy Hutchison said...

JoEllen, fun to know you were lurking. (Smile.)

Chris, your typo completely cracked me up!

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