The Secrets to Long Life

Tonight John and I were invited to a suite at the Ranger game. Play was delayed in the 5th inning because of a technical problem with the lights during which time I met Dottie.

This photo doesn't communicate the energy that Dottie emanates. She is absolutely vibrant. She is also 99.

When I had the opportunity, I asked the secret to a long life. Dottie offered the following advice.

1) It's all about your attitude. Life is what you make it.
2) Follow the golden rule.
3) Drink red wine. (She said it makes you shine.)
4) Play poker, dance, have interests.
5) Be a people person.
6) Don't take yourself so seriously. Be able to laugh.

As Dottie and I talked, she was engaging and bright. She was also current. Her stories were about now and not the past.

When I grow up, I want to be Dottie.

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ashley said...

OK, so the hammock came from REI (of course - Ben's favorite store - but he did use his dividend money so it did not cost us anything and it fits 2-3 people) But, we have another one that I got in Belize and you are more than welcome to borrow it!

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