The Tomato Incident

As part of our spring backyard makeover, I planted herbs and a few veggies in the side bed.

And daily I watched my beautiful tomatoes grow. I even took this photo so I could blog it.

But yesterday, tragically...


All of them. All that were left were the peels still attached to the vine.

Stupid squirrels. Stick to the feeder.

Where is John's paintgun?


Robin said...

ack! hate them squirrels!

Ben Jumper said...

if you've exhausted every other option, you could always try this.

Cathy Hutchison said...

Bungee....John REALLY doesn't need to see that. He will have one constructed by noon.

ashley said...

OK, so I went to leave a comment and couldn't resist clicking on the link above - VERY FUNNY! I sent it to Ben and he's constructing the blueprints! I woke up this morning to the lovely sound of squirrels chewing on my gutters.

NancyJ said...

I've never had a tomato because they always eat mine I quit planting. We have a famous family story involving PJ's dad, a WalMart shotgun, and squirrels - the result of which was the most expensive tomato in the history of suburban gardening...but I can't recommend that solution either. Sigh.

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