Weekend in Texhoma

Sunny-the-City-Girl and Carl-the-Famous-Theologian invited us up for the weekend. The cool thing about Lake Texhoma is that it has a sandy beach. We stayed in the guest house, played cards, cooked in the chiminea, played in the lake, went to the art gallery in Madill and had a wonderful time.

Both Saturday and Sunday morning I got to meditate on the beach. Serenity and joy at its finest.

Saturday evening, we even got to make dinner on a racklette. (Racklette - n. really interesting gadget for tabletop cooking.) After an evening swim, we passed Sunny and Carl's neighbors--Bob and Sherri--who invited us up to sit around their firepit. Carl brought the cake he made down and a bottle of Amaretto. (Carl is an amazing cook.) The evening of conversation outside with cake and spirts was wonderful. Sherri introduced us to her Bengal cats. (Did you know that Bengals have pelts instead of fur? They have leopard markings.) Sherri also loaned me a very fun little book called Conversations with my Cat that I read on the way home.

Of course, no trip to Carl and Sunny's would be complete without a Sunday AM breakfast stop at the Enos Mall--sort of a grocery store, bait & tackle, restaurant, gas station in Enos, Oklahoma. Their pancakes are truly great.

Now, back at home, everything is about laundry and cooking. Yet, I stand amazed at the power of water, sun, and laughter with friends to realign the soul.

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